maybe i shouldn't have quit girl scouts.

This weekend was extremely productive. I was able to make multiple reservations at KOA Campgrounds, National Park Campgrounds and some hotels. I was also able to notify friends and family that I will be visiting.

I was also able to purchase gear and supplies from various locations: REI, Eastern Mountain Sports [EMS], Amazon, and Target. I purchased the camping gear I will need for the road trip portion of the heartland journey. Shopping was a learning experience to say the least. I have to admit I have only been camping for one night out of my whole 23-year-life. I attended many summer camps in New Hampshire and was a member of girl scouts, but never went camping [until a work trip last summer]. This became very real when I was at EMS shopping for a camping stove.

After a long conversation with a coworker and some online research I decided to go with the Jetboil, but still had no idea which model. During my second visit to EMS, I sat in front of the Jetboil cooking systems for a good 15 minutes until I grabbed one at random and brought it to the checkout counter to ask a few questions. The world's kindest EMS employee took the time to provide some in-person advice. He truly made me feel like there are no stupid questions. He shared that he just returned from an cross country road trip.

He asked me what I already own for cooking...the answer was "nothing." He suggested a smaller stove fit for one person: the Jetboil [Zip]. He also advised getting a pot support because the Jetboil's biggest flaw is that it is impossible to cook real food in [apposed to freeze dried meals]. My shopping experience made me extremely excited for the adventures and challenges ahead. However, I also realized how little I know about camping. People look at me like I have 5 heads when I tell them what I am about to do. I have always been a risk-taker, and even though I am somewhat scared [I'd be worried if I weren't], I know I am fully capable of overcoming anything that comes my way.

Phoebe Axtman