treat day, not cheat day.

I never liked the idea of a cheat day.

There is no enjoyment in feeling guilty for the things that are supposed to make you feel extra happy. This is why I call them treat days. I never want to feel bad about that piece of cake or spa day that I may have splurged on. When I have a treat day, I like to put all judgement for myself and others aside in order to practice self love fully. I know this may sound tacky at first, but give it a try.

I am certainly not saying that if your goal is to lose weight splurging should be an everyday occurrence. I understand you may be on a diet that does not include bread, however if you are going to splurge once in a while and eat the bread, then enjoy those carbs! Once you have treated yourself, feeling guilty about it will just make you feel worse. Try to eliminate negative self talk and give yourself a fresh start tomorrow. You may even find that by having a treat once in a while will eliminate unwanted binging.

Challenge yourself to have a treat day once in a while. We all deserve some pampering!

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Phoebe Axtman