5 steps to following your bliss guilt-free

We all live very busy lives, going from one thing to the next, in a society where we are always plugged in. Sometimes, the only alone time we have for ourselves is when we are using the bathroom. It’s a challenge to rationalize taking an hour or even five minutes for self care and to unwind.

Most of us have jobs where our energy is devoted to serving others in one way or another. If we spent less time mindlessly browsing Facebook and more time taking care of ourselves, our daily work would be ten times easier.

5 tips to following your bliss guilt free

Take as much time as you can allow, and then push yourself further
If it causes you stress to put time aside for yourself then start small. Put aside 30 minutes a week if that is all you can give. Once you have chosen an amount of time, stay with it and see if it comfortably becomes part of your schedule. When you have adapted, try to push yourself and go beyond your comfort zone by adding ten minutes periodically. By easing into prioritizing self care, you won't be shocked or in a panic about taking a chunk of time out of your day/week just for yourself. 

Pencil yourself in
To ensure you don’t ditch a date with yourself, put something on your schedule. Schedule meetings with yourself and solely for yourself. We wouldn’t cancel a meeting with our boss or an old friend, so don’t cancel your appointment for self care. Putting something on your schedule will also safeguard time and avoid planning too many things.

Unplug from the world
During your alone time, it is important to be mindful and present. Turn off your phone and don’t allow any distraction from people demanding your time.

Think ahead
It is essential that your time is quality time. Plan something you know will bring you joy. This time isn’t for running errands or sitting on your phone. If you are taking the time, you might as well do something that makes you feel good.   

Clear your mind
Taking time for only you can take some getting used to, especially if you’ve never done it before. In the moment, if you start to second guess or freak out, just take a deep breath and remind yourself why you deserve this time. Don’t question this time of bliss.

Phoebe AxtmanComment