my top 3 apps for staying mindful


Headspace is a phenomenal guided-meditation app for people new to the rewarding experience of meditation. The app is broken down into ten meditation exercises that each last ten minutes. Once you have completed the "Take 10," additional guided meditations will be unlocked in the "Series" and "Singles" sections. This motivates you to keep practicing to unlock more possibilities. This is a free app, but you can make in-app purchases, which I have not found to be necessary.

Stop, Breath, & Think

The name of this app couldn't be more straight forward. Stop, Breath, & Think simplifies the complex. It educates the user on the basics of meditation and the benefits of a regular practice. It promotes mindful thinking in your everyday life by providing a space to check-in on your mental, physical, and emotional health. It also includes common guided meditations like the body scan and mindful walking, and it's free!


This app is my go to for keeping track of time [while not trying to keep track of time] during my daily self-guided meditation practice. The basic version is free, but I highly recommend spending a little bit of money to buy the version that provides you with more time. It is a very simple app and features traditional Tibetan bells that wont startle you in your zen state.



Phoebe AxtmanComment