Watermelon Summer Salad


Enjoy this fresh salad at your next gathering or save it all for yourself!


2 heaping handfuls of spinach (base for the salad)

1 cup of diced watermelon

1/2 cup of Feta (regular or low-fat) (more if you desire or no cheese to make it vegan)

1/3 cup of shaved raw almonds

2 tablespoons of Annie’s organic oil and vinegar dressing or an oil & vinegar dressing you enjoy

  1. Put the spinach in a bowl as the base of your salad.

  2. Dice the watermelon into bite-size pieces.

  3. Add the watermelon, feta, and almonds to the bowl.

  4. Toss the mixture with oil & vinegar dressing.

  5. Feel free to change the ratio of spinach:melon:cheese:nuts:dressing, to get the salad to your liking! I prefer to have a piece of watermelon and feta in each bite!

  6. Enjoy!

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