Money Wellness

Don’t stress about money, get strategic instead! Thinking about money can be nerve-wracking, especially when trying to balance rent, utilities, savings, loans, family, friends, essentials, and fun money.

Here are some tips and tricks that I plan to follow this month:

💸 Evaluate ways that you can cut costs. An example: bring coffee from home rather than buying out, and make coffee out special instead of an everyday occasion.

💳 Get organized about the money going out. Track your budget with a paper planner or an app like Mint! Most importantly, set financial boundaries for yourself and others. If you are unable to front the money for going out with friends, then you may need to make adjustments or accommodations.

💰 Only use a credit card, if you know you can pay it off ASAP. Try your best to live within your means for the month and plan ahead for splurging.

🤑 Think frugally! Suggestions are: get creative about meals at home and repurposing left-overs, find free activities, and ask yourself, do I really need to buy another house plant?